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More false equivalency.

Yes, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been accused of rape (although neither has been found guilty — yet). Both men have been accused of sexual assault (although neither has been found guilty — yet). But the similarity ends there.

Bill Clinton has had one woman accuse him of rape, and two women accuse him of sexual assault. Trump has already racked up more than that, including an accusation of rape from his own wife.

Bill Clinton is not recorded on tape or video bragging about his sexual assault activities. Trump is.

Bill Clinton did not have this kind of damning evidence come out a month before he was elected. If such a video surfaced at that time, there’s a good chance he would not have been elected. Democrats liked Clinton’s positions, they liked what he did for women’s rights, and they liked what he did for the economy, but they did NOT like his extracurricular sex activities.

It’s also important to note that Bill Clinton is not running for President. Hillary Clinton is. And there’s no video of her bragging about her sexual assault activities, either.

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