Yep. You know the reasons for everything.
Mark Green

No, because I don’t know you, nor have I listened to any of your reasons to support Trumpcare, I don’t know what all your personal motivations are. However, if you do indeed support this bill, I can guess at the following:

I can assume that you don’t care about people losing their insurance, because that’s what this bill will do. So apparently, you either want people to lose their insurance, or you just don’t care if they do. Doesn’t matter — the end result is the same.

It’s also possible that you just want to eradicate any legacy of Barack Obama. Regardless of the consequences. You wouldn’t be alone. However, if this is your motivation, you care more about sticking it to a former President than you do about people being able to obtain health insurance. Doesn’t speak very well of you.

Or perhaps you really don’t care about this bill one way or another, and you’re just trolling for the sake of trolling. Also a distinct possibility.

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