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No — nobody’s saying anything about anyone being “too stupid” to get a photo ID — except you and people like you. We’re saying that there are a fair number of people who don’t have a photo ID and would have a difficult time getting one. Stupidity doesn’t have anything to do with people who live in small towns and are a long way from a DMV. Stupidity doesn’t have anything to do with having a job with virtually the same hours as the DMV, and getting time off work with no pay for this would be a hardship. Stupidity doesn’t have anything to do with having to jump through a lot of hoops (AND a fee) to get a copy of a birth certificate.

There are a lot of people in this position, and a disproportionate number of them are non-white (compared to the general population), but there are a lot of whites in this group as well. Mostly the poor, the elderly, and students. Here are a small handful of examples of real people who can’t get the ID required to vote, for a variety of reasons:

And here are a couple of articles with some statistics and some general problems these people encounter:

But if it makes you feel better to call these people stupid, and suggest that’s why they can’t get ID, go right ahead. That tells us the kind of person you are.

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