Yes, I allow myself to doubt, when the media, found to be in serious prejudice, doing polls of 1–2…
Ilya Vaiser

No, the reason we lost and Trump won is because of the Electoral College. If the popular vote decided the election, Hillary Clinton would have won, because she got more votes. That’s right — more people wanted her to be President.

Now, about polls. You obviously don’t trust them, because they are based on a population sample instead of the entire population. All polling companies do this, so this means that you don’t believe in polls at all. I assume this is true even if the poll shows a result you agree with? No, I’m sure you could never be that hypocritical, could you?

And I never said that “only uneducated and unfit people” voted for Trump. I said that the demographic group with the highest percentage of Trump voters was white males without college degrees. And I presented evidence that backed this up. For some reason, you’re offended by this, but you have presented no evidence that this group voted mostly for Clinton. I also never said that everyone who voted for Trump was uneducated. Trump attracted a lot of people who fell for his rhetoric and believed that he was going to “make America great again”, to be sure (these are also the people who believe that Trump is going to get them a high-paying job). But he also attracted a lot of people who were rich (or perceived themselves to be rich) and believed that Trump would cut their taxes, or liked Trump’s plans to remove obstacles that would allow them to become richer. Trump also attracted bigots who liked Trump’s appeal to racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and Islamophobia. So which of these people are you?

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