How about those Obama’s who lived large on the taxpayer’s dime too.
Jeanne Lodzieski

OK — I got some sort of “defense” from a Trump supporter. It appears to be a bunch of word salad, but let’s sort through it.

First up, we have the “but…but…but…OBAMA!” gambit. Except that one of the main points of this article is that Trump has managed to run up travel expenses in his first month roughly equivalent to what the Obamas used in an average year. So the “How about those Obama’s who lived large on the taxpayer’s dime too.” play seems a bit out of place.

Second, we have a reference to President Obama’s enjoyment of golf. When did playing golf become a sin? Every recent President except Carter has played golf. There is nothing wrong with that. However, we have on record a lot of criticism of Obama’s playing golf (including from Trump), but so far Trump’s got Obama beat when it comes to time on the links. And nary a complaint from the same people who skewered Obama over golf. It’s really not the golf that’s the problem. It’s the hypocrisy.

Third, we have a lot of general bashing about what a crappy President Barack Obama was, most of it wrong or misplaced.

Fourth, we have a bunch of “you’re butthurt over the election” accusations and assorted name-calling.

And finally — here it comes — the obligatory branding of the entire article as “fake news”, without any intelligent rebuttal of any of the facts presented.

I have a feeling that this bunch of twaddle is going to be the best that I will get from a Trump supporter in response to my questions.