Victoria are you living in some sort of alternate universe?
Matt Gamble

OK, please explain to me how we have systematic racism in this country that specifically puts non-whites in a position of superiority to whites. And no, all your examples of affirmative action (a policy intended to mitigate the damage from years of white racism) don’t count.

Have you ever been the victim of discrimination because you are deemed to be a member of an “inferior” race? Have you ever been pulled over by a cop simply as a result of racial profiling? Even when you’re pulled over for some alleged offense such as speeding, are you ever dragged out of your car and told to “spread ‘em”? Have you ever been followed around in a store by security because they’re pretty sure you’re going to steal something? Have you ever had to submit to a “stop and frisk” by the police for no apparent reason? No? Then you aren’t the victim of racism you claim to be.

I won’t even get into your complete lack of a grasp of gender dysphoria. Transphobes and homophobes, like racists, will either die out, evolve, or just get marginalized by the rest of society. Meantime, the world will march along without you.

And your slam about my educational level — particularly following your demonstrating your obvious lack thereof — is merely a pathetic and meaningless attempt at an insult. Not to mention hilarious.

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