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Pity the poor NRA. They managed to get a lot of guns sold during the past eight years, just by invoking the Obama boogeyman — “Obama’s gonna take your guns!”. And during the campaign, they used Hillary Clinton as their boogeyman — “Hillary’s gonna take your guns!” And every time either boogeyman was invoked, the gun faithful obediently went to their nearest gun store and bought more guns. Had to be ready to shoot the feds when they came to the door to confiscate guns, you know.

But the NRA now has a problem. They have an obedient servant willing to do anything they ask sitting in the White House. They have control over both houses of Congress. And now that Gorsuch has restored a conservative tilt on the SCOTUS, they have a friendly SCOTUS now.

So what do they do for their boogeyman? The only go-to they have are the media. Unfortunately, the media can’t confiscate any guns. They can’t pass any legislation. They’re not even going to be able to influence any of the bought-and-paid-for NRA Congress members. So it’s a mystery as to how a war against the media will drive the gun faithful to their gun stores to buy more guns. Oh, right — the gun faithful will do what they’re told, whether it makes sense or not.