Don’t be silly, Victoria, ad hom is common usage and anyone familiar with the concept would know…

Please point out ANY ad hominem (or the incorrect “ad hom”, if you insist) that I said against you. I didn’t.

As far as our differences in perspective on Hillary Clinton? I’m not going to waste my time. Your vision of her appears to be formed by the many attacks and witch hunts against her. I stand by what I originally said — that your rant to which I first responded was made up of right wing talking points. And no — pointing that out is NOT an ad hominem attack.

Also, after your first anti-Hillary screed, I responded to each of your accusations with facts. Your next post accused me of not responding to your points. What am I supposed to think, except that you block out everything that doesn’t fit your paradigm of hatred against her? Since it’s obvious you will never ever ever ever see how manipulated you have been by the propaganda machine of the right, as that’s where virtually all of your talking points come from (and no, that’s not an ad hominem, either), further discussion with you on that subject is pointless.

Furthermore, you were the one who brought up Hillary, when the article is about Trump. I’ve read some of your other responses in your profile, and I see this isn’t the first time you’ve injected some Hillary-bashing into a thread having nothing to do with her. And no, that’s not an ad hominem, either.

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