Nice strawman you’ve created to burn, now how about you come up with a real argument?
Scott Bitz

Please provide proof that Republicans give more time and money to charity than Democrats do. And no — giving to one’s church or house of worship doesn’t count, unless only counting the small percentage of that donation that actually goes to charitable works.

Every study of charitable giving that the right uses to “prove” that Republicans give more includes church donations, which go to support the church, not to charity.

And you won’t get an argument from most Democrats regarding healthy and able people who simply choose not to work. But they aren’t the majority, nor are they representative of most of the people who need assistance. Most of the people on welfare, for example, are on it for less than five years, and about half are on it for less than two years.

As far as the homeless go, once someone is homeless, it’s very difficult to crawl out of that position. It’s difficult to get hired by anyone, difficult to get education, and almost impossible to get addictions and mental issues treated, even if one is a PTSD-suffering veteran (see my note below regarding the VA). One of the reasons it’s so difficult to get onto any rung of the ladder rising up from that abyss is because of people like you who want to take away their cell phones, as well as any other tools they may have to help them better their position.

The Veterans Administration works well when it’s adequately funded, and horribly when it isn’t. Guess which party cuts their funding more than the other?

The NHS and Charlie Gard — what do you think they could have done to save that baby’s life? Nothing was going to save him. The NHS chose to do what would result in the least amount of suffering for him. It’s fascinating, however, that so many rightwing Americans appear to care so much for this baby, when they wouldn’t give a crap about a baby in similar circumstances in this country — especially if it was a baby without health insurance that you all want to take away. Your concern for Charlie Gard is only politically motivated, in a desperate attempt to demonize universal healthcare.

And cancer mortality is higher in the United States than in Europe, despite our spending more money on it.

It would be absolutely lovely if charity was so abundant in our country that it could take care of all our problems. But it isn’t. Not even close. Our government is the only entity large enough to make a difference.

And my accusation about Republicans wasn’t about the minority of poor people who are healthy, poor, and jobless long term. It was about Republicans wanting to do away with financial assistance for EVERYONE who needs it. Please don’t even try to deny that when Republicans start cutting spending, that’s the first place they go.

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