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Providing a link is not “spoon-feeding”. It’s evidence that you actually have the data you claim you have.

Since you are too cowardly to provide links, I can only assume that you have nothing. As I’ve noted several times, and you have never proved otherwise.

I do indeed seek the truth. It’s just in your case, it’s obvious that you don’t have it.

You STILL haven’t explained how, if all these illegal activities were going on with the Clinton Foundation, why none of the many investigations and probes of the foundation ever uncovered any of them, why people aren’t in jail, and why no mainstream media grabbed this story, which would have been a ratings bonanza. Why won’t you explain that? If this is true, and backed up by incontrovertible facts, this shouldn’t be difficult.

Of course, you can’t explain that, because it’s not true. Instead, you make a lot of references to “spoon feeding”, “ignorance”, “cognitive bias”, “intellectual curiosity”, etc. — as if that’s supposed to impress me. Instead, you just like to use a lot of fancy words to cover up the fact that you have nothing.

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