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Sanders didn’t cite any evidence, but flatly asserted that the Obama administration “could’ve done this.”

Easy to say. Theoretically, one could say that anyone “could’ve done” anything. One could say that Trump “could’ve” kept a group of small boys somewhere in Trump Tower, and pleasured himself sexually with them whenever he had the chance. But without any kind of evidence supporting that, it’s not a valid claim.

There are a couple of questions on the table here. First, was there a wiretap at all? We have reports (not really confirmed) that a warrant was requested of FISA for a wiretap. Maybe it was. Maybe it was granted.

And second, if there was a wiretap, who requested it, and why? Whatever the answer is here, it probably wasn’t President Obama himself. If Obama wanted an illegal wiretap, he would have to go through a lot of channels and convince others to act illegally to get it. Not likely, and like the fake story of Trump and his small boys, some actual evidence is needed.

One of the many reasons why we need an independent prosecutor to do a thorough investigation.

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