so lets get past the disagreement about the normalcy or non choice view of LGBT which seems to be a…
TX Kevin

“Should a baseball glove manufacturer be forced to provide a person with a left handed glove if they do not desire to make left handed gloves?”

No, that’s a product issue. A manufacturer is not required to make anything they don’t want to make. And a manufacturer of baseball mitts is no more required to manufacture left-handed mitts than an ice cream maker is required to make lactose-free ice cream. However, forcing a left-handed player to wear a glove that doesn’t coordinate with his dominant hand would be a far better comparison. And that could be considered discrimination.

“Contrast this with a transgender person. They wake in the morning one gender and must make a conscious choice to be another gender.”

Tell me something. Is “making a conscious choice to be your gender” the first decision you make each and every morning? A transgender person doesn’t decide to be a particular gender any more than you do. A transgender person IS the gender they identify with, even if their physical parts don’t match.

“Similarly, homosexuality is a desire and society does not prosecute desires generally.”

No, it’s a sexual orientation. Just as heterosexuality is a sexual orientation. It’s not a choice, or merely a “desire”. What you are expecting a homosexual or a transgender person to do when they wake up in the morning is to make a “choice” to be something they are not. It’s exactly the same thing as if you expected a black person to get up in the morning, apply a lot of pale Dermablend makeup all over himself, and masquerade as white that day. And if he doesn’t do this, he’s making a “choice” to be black.

“A rapist is not a rapist until they choose to rape.”

Rape is a choice. It’s not an inherent or immutable condition. Invalid comparison.

“The law need not force the issue based on which personal choices it sees as more valid than others.”

So it’s okey-dokey fine with you if restaurant refuses service to anyone who isn’t white? Because they will eventually be forced out of business? The Supreme Court never saw it that way.

Your lack of understanding of this issue is more apparent with each of your posts.