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So basically Trump has nothing — all dressed up to look like something.

Juanita Broaddrick has changed her story so many times that no court will take her seriously. Furthermore, if she inferred a “threat” from that short exchange with Hillary, when there was no actual threat given, she really has nothing.

Kathleen Willey’s case disintegrated for lack of evidence. And there doesn’t seem to be any connection to Hillary in that case at all.

Paula Jones’ case was settled “with no apology or admission of guilt”. Funny — that seemed to be a mark of innocence when the housing discrimination case against Trump was settled with “no admission of guilt”. Will Trump concede there’s nothing there?

And that leaves Clinton’s job as a pro-bono defender when she worked for a free legal clinic. Left out of the “laughing” accusations based on an interview she participated in years later, is the fact that she did NOT laugh at the victim or the defendant. She did NOT laugh at the crime itself. She laughed three times during that interview, and all three times had to do with the absurdities of evidence handling, the hoops the defense has to jump through to obtain prosecutorial evidence, and the reliability of polygraphs. Context is everything. Also left out of any discussion is the fact that Clinton asked to be removed from the case. Her request was not granted. So she did her job.

There’s nothing new in what Trump is presenting. People know that it’s Hillary running for office, not Bill. And none of this is making people forget about Trump’s bragging about committing sexual assault on tape — something Bill never did.

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