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So the Secret Service vetted the meeting? So what? This doesn’t mean that “nothing bad” would have happened. The Secret Service is in the business of protecting people from physical harm. They are not in the business of making sure those under their protection avoid legal or ethical dilemmas. And they no doubt determined that this meeting wasn’t going to result in anyone getting shot, stabbed, beaten up, kidnapped, or come to any other physical harm or danger — but it wasn’t their job to say, “this meeting might cause somebody some legal trouble”. Therefore, the claim that the meeting had to be legit and above board with nothing unethical going on just because the Secret Service vetted it doesn’t hold water.

In the second place, the Secret Service green-lighting the meeting as safe raises an important question — safe for whom? The only people associated with the Trump campaign or anywhere in that circle were Donald Trump Sr. and Melania. Was Melania there? That would be a great story, but not likely. So where was Donald Sr. on June 9, 2016? The initial story was that he was in Florida at one of his rallies that day. This, however was debunked (the Florida rally was two days later), and it turns out that Trump spent June 9 at Trump Tower, except for his attendance at a fundraising lunch at Four Seasons. Unless the Russia meeting took place during the time of that luncheon, Trump himself could have very well been at that meeting, and would explain why the Secret Service was involved. This raises some questions that deserve some answers.

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