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So what happens when you starve over a hundred thousand people?

I’m sure that Republicans believe this will spur them to make a choice not to be poor, which will in turn allow them to see the “error of their ways” and start voting Republican. Or perhaps they believe this will cause poor people to move out of North Carolina and to some other state where they will be come somebody else’s problem.

However, what’s more likely to happen is that people who are malnourished often have health problems that will cost the state even more money than food stamps will cost. It also means that children who aren’t getting enough to eat will suffer in school, ensuring they will be a drain on society for the rest of their lives. It will also mean a certain number of social problems that economic hardship always tends to cause, such as an escalation of crime and an increase in homelessness — both of which will cost the state more than food stamps will cost.

But any cost is worth it when it comes to poor-shaming — particularly in Democratic districts — right, Republicans?

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