Yes, Ma’am. No, Ma’am. Sorry, Ma’am. I must not then, Ma’am.
Ron Collins

So your point is that you were treated every bit as badly as Gretchen Carlson, you were subjected to sex demands by your female superiors, you were subjected to career destruction and public humiliation if you didn’t comply, and now you’re mad because Carlson got twenty million and you didn’t? Poor, poor baby!

If you had female superiors who demanded sexual favors from you or you would suffer consequences, you were an a$$hole if you did nothing to stop it. Nice that you felt it was OK for these sexual-harassing females to continue their behavior with other male employees. Even if you reported it to the EEOC on your way out, that would have been something, at least.

I suspect that you never had female superiors demand sex from you as a condition of employment, and you’re full of BS. What was this company where only women were in charge and the male employees were all treated like sex slaves?

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