22% of Rachel’s comments are FALSE, 22% are MOSTLY FALSE, and 4% are PANTS ON FIRE.
Jill Gilber

So you’re basing the entire network on the track record of ONE pundit who has a show on that network?

I assume then, that you refuse to watch Fox News as well, since Bill O’Reilly’s track record for total of “Mostly False”, “False”, and “Pants on Fire” statements exceeds that of Maddow’s. After all, if you are going to condemn an entire cable network based on the track record of one pundit, you would do it for any cable news network — right? Somehow, I’m not convinced.

And as long as we’re talking about track records for lying, Donald Trump’s fact-checked statements are 70% lies. Only 15% of what he says is found to be either “True” (4%) or “Mostly True” (11%). Compared to Hillary Clinton’s record (51% truth, 24% half truth, and 26% lies), I assume that you voted for Hillary instead of Donald, since telling untruths is such a huge thing for you? Somehow, I’m not convinced of that, either.

I’m more inclined to believe that you have a very rigid and narrow paradigm where you like to reside in the right wing echo chamber no matter how many lies are told because it reinforces that paradigm, and you can’t stand listening to anything that might pop that bubble, so you use any lies told as an excuse.

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