Wow, after all this time Victoria is still believing anything the press tells her.
Isaac Black

“Tell us, what policies the dems are working on now. Nothing.”

Let’s see. The Democrats are the minority party in both houses of Congress, and they no longer have the White House. The Republicans have changed the rules so that the minority party has virtually no voice at all. What do you really expect them to accomplish? Oh, they introduce bills. Well thought out bills that would make life better for Americans. They all die in committee, because all Congressional committees are run by Republicans.

You will see more activity from the Democrats when they take the House back in 2018. Quinnipiac poll released May 10: “By a 54–38 percent margin, American voters want the Democratic Party to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives. This is the widest margin ever measured for this question in a Quinnipiac University poll, exceeding a 5 percentage point margin for Republicans in 2013.” The GOP needs to do something to change that tide if they want to keep their jobs.

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