Lol, Victoria, “dictators and tyrants” !!!

That’s not hyperventilation. I have lived through a dozen Presidents in my lifetime, and I have never seen one (from either party) that could even begin to match the typical pattern of how tyrants and dictators build their power (as well as cult leaders and other charismatic types).

Here are the three steps a dictator uses to build a following. You’ll note the Trump has been employing every one of them.

First — it’s necessary to convince the people that their lives suck. Trump has done this by talking about how crime is skyrocketing, unemployment is skyrocketing, illegal immigration is skyrocketing, etc. — none of which is true, and none of which has been backed up by Trump with any real evidence other than anecdotes about isolated cases. But the truth doesn’t matter. What matters is that people believe him.

Second — it’s necessary to convince the people that only one person can save them, and it’s the dictator. Trump has done this by promising “secret” plans to destroy ISIS, which he guaranteed to do as soon as he was elected, promising a “beautiful” replacement for the ACA that he had but would reveal after he was elected, and how many times did he say on the campaign trail, “only I can fix this”?

Third — it’s necessary to discredit any person or entity critical of the dictator. The people should only listen to the dictator, because everybody else is lying. Trust only the dictator. Trump is mightily working on this one now, with his efforts to destroy faith in the media (“fake news! fake news! fake news!” to everything that shows him in a bad light), his efforts to destroy faith in our judicial system (especially when his orders are struck down as illegal), and even his efforts to destroy faith in our system of elections. Yes, even though he won. Because he’s still throwing tantrums about not winning the popular vote, he’s doing his best to convince the public that the system is rife with massive amounts of voter fraud, and therefore not to be trusted.

Trump is a CLASSIC case of a fascist dictator in the making. Add to the above three points his unwillingness to accept our government system of checks and balances, and his assumption that he can rule by decree, and I don’t see how you can come to any other conclusion.

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