Skip the wall — law enforcement seems to have the backing now to get back to their business.

The Republicans are in charge now. They have the White House and both houses of Congress.

So what are they doing to help get jobs for those on public assistance?

Are they raising the minimum wage so that those workers can afford to live on their paychecks without the need for government assistance? Nope — they’re fighting to keep the minimum wage what it is, except for those who want to eliminate it altogether.

Have they proposed legislation for any jobs programs so that more jobs will be available? Nope — they figure that the unemployed are on their own. And no, they haven’t brought coal back. Even the jobs Trump claims to have “saved” have vanished — either replaced by automation or gone overseas. Oh, they’re trying to give big business a lot of tax cuts, and they claim this will create jobs, but it never does.

Have they figured out a way for the poor and lower middle classes to afford health insurance? Nope — and they want to cripple the system that’s designed to help, if they can’t eliminate it entirely.

So please enlighten me — what exactly are Republicans doing to help Americans become less dependent on food stamps and other forms of assistance?

You can’t blame Democrats anymore. Republicans have the keys. Let’s see you defend what they’re doing.

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