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The Republicans are in firm control of all three branches of government. They own it all. Even the Supreme Court, now that Gorsuch is on the bench.

The Republicans also have 33 governorships (two thirds of the states), as well as control the legislature in 33 states (again, two thirds).

In fact, Republicans often gleefully point out that Republicans have won a great many elected offices away from Democrats in the past few years.

And yet they still can’t stop blaming Democrats for all their failures.

Listen up, GOP — you bitched and whined for eight long years while Obama was President. You criticized his every move and utterance, and obstructed every proposal he ever had. Now it’s your turn. You control all the federal government, as well as two thirds of the states. We expect you to have every single one of our nation’s problems solved and this entire country turned into a utopia in the same length of time you demanded that Obama do it.

And you’re not off to a good start.

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