Islamophobia will subside once Islamic terrorism does.
Hyder Noori

There are more terrorist attacks carried out by right-wing extremists (including white supremacists) than by Islamic jihadists. Yet there doesn’t seem to be an inordinate amount of fear against the righties. Why is that?

It’s also worth mentioning that of all the armed conflicts going on in the world at the moment, only about half have anything to do with Muslims (including ISIS activities in the Middle East). The vast majority of these conflicts are political in nature, not religious — even the ones involving Muslims are mostly political. However, we are more apt to demonize Muslims who have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism or political conflicts than we are others who have religious or ethnic ties to groups involved in civil wars or other conflicts. Why is that?!/

The answer, of course, is that Islamophobia is bigotry, pure and simple. And bigotry doesn’t go away easily. All Islamic-themed terrorism could vanish tomorrow, but bigotry against Muslims would remain, because that’s what bigotry does.

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