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“…there is a problem, whether we like it or not…”

Yes, Donald — there is indeed a problem. And that problem is you. When you fan the flames of Islamophobia, as you have done numerous times in your candidacy because Muslims make such a convenient boogeyman for you, you contribute to the following:

  1. Violence toward American citizens who are Muslim.
  2. Erosion of good relationships between Muslim communities and authorities. These relationships have been the reason why more tips on possible terrorist activities have come from Muslims than from any other group.
  3. Radicalization of young, impressionable Muslims (particularly males) who are angry at being persecuted, harassed, and discriminated against.
  4. Aiding the recruiting efforts of ISIS and other global terrorist groups.

But none of that really matters to you, as long as you get your fan base to cheer for you, does it?

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