Donald Jones

This article puts the grand total at $85 million. Other sources have pegged it as $92 million, over eight years.

Eight years. That’s 96 months. Even if we go with the higher $92 million figure, that’s still less than a million a month.

Trump has managed to rack up about $10 million just in the first month of his presidency. That’s not counting the travel expenses for his sons, who are getting Secret Service protection while they travel the globe running their dad’s businesses. That bumps it up to $11.3 million.

Trying to justify Trump’s travel expenses by comparing them to Obama’s is a losing battle. The disparity is just too great.

But that’s not really the point. Before Obama was President, he didn’t spend his time tweeting about how outrageous it was that his predecessor was costing a lot in travel expenses. He didn’t bash Dubya for playing golf. And he certainly didn’t use travel as an excuse to engage in pay-for-play tactics, as Trump is doing with Mar-a-Lago memberships.

It’s not just the travel expenses. All Presidents are entitled to vacations (even though three out of the first four weekends of the term is a bit over the top). And when the President goes anywhere, it’s expensive. We get that.

It’s the hypocrisy and the money-making opportunism that’s offensive. REAL Presidents — the ones who want to be taken seriously and be considered legitimate Presidents — don’t do that.

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