I think the writer of this article is missing the point.
Narmer Kadta

Trump is making out like a bandit. First, his being President has enabled him to double the membership fees for Mar-a-Lago, bringing him about an additional $8 million dollars a year, and there are plenty of people who like this pay-to-play arrangement. Trump sees this obvious selling of access to the President to be quite lucrative (this is why he’s not too worried about passing up $400,000 a year). Furthermore, when he travels to his own property, his staff and security must have accommodations close to the President, so this means they stay at Mar-a-Lago. At Mar-a-Lago rates. At government expense. Guess who owns Mar-a-Lago and who pockets the profits from room rentals?

And that’s not even considering the room rentals in Trump Tower for the security assigned to Trump’s wife and son in New York. And as Trump owns the Trump Tower, he makes money off this as well.

And we’re supposed to be impressed that he’s foregoing his $400K/year salary? Seriously?

And no, you’re not a racist. At least you haven’t given such indication in your post. You appear to be just someone lacking fundamental critical thinking skills.

And by the way — when is this whole “making America great again” supposed to happen? I don’t think that Trump selling access to the rich and blatantly making money off the presidency is something that’s making America all that great.

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