Funny how the left is now so concerned with homeowners and ranchers along the border!
Edward Glinka

Under Obama, we have achieved net-zero on illegal immigration. In other words, that means that fewer people are entering the country illegally, and as many undocumented people are leaving the country as entering it.

The estimated number of illegal entrants in 2005 (before Obama was President) was 1.7 million. Ten years later, in 2015, that number had dropped to 170,000 — a 90% drop. So you can’t blame Obama for a mythical “out of control” border situation.

Furthermore, if the picture you paint of rampant, “skyrocketing” crime along the border was actually true, one would think that property owners along the border would be perfectly OK with this wall. In fact, they’d be begging for it, wouldn’t they? And apparently, they’re not. Care to explain?

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