Republicans need to quite trying to polish the turd that was ObamaCare.
TX Kevin

Unfortunately, as long as the system allows health insurance companies to rake in obscene profits, any plan put forth is going to be expensive. Get profits out of the chain, and affordable insurance and healthcare will be possible.

A single-payer program (such as Medicare for all) where the doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers stay pretty much as is, but the government picks up the tab, would be less expensive than having private for-profit insurance companies doing it. Or a public option — a government-run insurance plan without profit — competing with the private insurance companies would keep insurance costs down through competition. But until we get serious and consider such options, we will always pay more per capita for our healthcare than any other country in the world. And a good portion of our population will always be without insurance, and therefore without healthcare until they become sick enough to be emergent. But hey — this is making America great again, right?

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