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We still have investigations into possible collusion with Russia — from Mueller and from the FBI. We’ll see where things stand after those investigations are complete. Remember that Nixon resigned over two years after the Watergate break-in, so a lack of positive proof of wrongdoing at this stage of the game isn’t itself positive proof that no wrongdoing occurred.

As far as Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment, she was only referring to Trump supporters who were racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic. In other words — she was using that term to refer to bigots. Not the Trump supporters who were not bigots and supported him for other reasons (everybody seems to forget that part of what she said). And if you wouldn’t use the term “deplorable” to describe a bigot, what term do you think would be more accurate?

You ask if I would be perfectly fine with Uncle Sam having everybody’s voter registration data if this information was strictly regulated. Yes, I would feel better about this, but it goes beyond that. Elections are a state matter, run and regulated by the states. There is no such thing as a federal election, nor is there such a thing as federal voter registration. This is why, instead of one federal election every four years for POTUS and VPOTUS, we have 50 state elections. If we are to make voting a federal matter, then let’s have federal voter registration, do away with the EC and have one federal election for Pres and Veep every four years, and regulate voter information strictly, including spelling out exactly who has access to this information and what it may be used for. But handing over this information to the Trump regime with no rules, no regulation, and no oversight? Only a fool would agree to that.

As far as the DNC and RNC doing “shady” things — remember that these are political parties. Political parties may use whatever method they wish to choose their nominees. If a political party tries to rig a general election using illegal tactics, that’s another matter.

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