Okay, fine. So what are the 5 points?
Dan Homiller

Well, don’t say I never did anything for anyone here. I actually braced myself and went to Trump’s campaign site to see if he had such a 5-point plan available there. Sure enough, if you go to the “Positions” section, then go to “Foreign Policy and Defeating ISIS”, and then scroll down some, you’ll find “Read Donald J. Trump’s Detailed Plan to Defeat ISIS”.

I clicked on that link and got this — https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/DJT_Radical_Islam_Speech.pdf

It’s mostly a screed about how everything is President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s fault (that went on for pages), and then when he FINALLY got to what he intended to do (as opposed to just whining about the problem), the “points” were rather vague and nebulous. Such as “to make America safe again, we must work together again.” Seriously? This is a plan?

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