Instead of complaining that Trump is actually taking time off on the weekend and making…
Ronnie Lee

When a President goes on vacation, he is expected to pay for his own accommodations, his own food, and his own incidentals (such as greens fees for golf). He also is expected to pay for these things for his family members accompanying him. He is NOT expected to pay for accommodations and food for his staff, his security, and other members of his entourage — Uncle Sam pays for all of that.

When Trump stays at and/or plays golf at one of his properties, he doesn’t pay for his own accommodations or food or golf fees. Why should he? He owns the place. But the government doesn’t pay for these things, either.

Is Trump breaking precedent and paying for the accommodations and other expenses for his staff and security? If he is, we would surely be hearing about it. Trump is incapable of picking up the tab on anything without bragging endlessly about it. Look at the huge production show he made about “refusing the President’s salary”. Yes, he’s gotten all his obedient Trumpbots defending his obscene weekend spending by claiming that “he’s not taking a salary”. Except that he is. He’s pocketed at least two paychecks by now, and not a dime of them has gone to charity, as he promised. His spokesman defended this by saying that he’s going to wait until the end of the year and then donate it all at once. Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it.

We also know that the Secret Service is taking up an entire floor of the Trump Tower to protect Melania and Barron, and we know that’s at government expense. Trump isn’t comping Uncle Sam that. Looking at the the pattern here, I think we can safely assume that Trump is milking the government for everything he can. Yes, I’ll believe that Trump is providing accommodations for his staff and security gratis when I see evidence of that. But not until.

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