“ Hillary Clinton has never proposed banning guns for self defense in the home by law-abiding…
WuzYoung OnceToo

When Hillary Clinton said that she thought the Australian gun plan was “worth looking into”, I understood her to mean that it was worth looking into. I didn’t interpret it as “I want to take away everybody’s guns”, as you obviously have.

When considering gun laws, it’s appropriate to look at the laws in other countries and consider their applicability here. Does the law work for that country? Would it work here? Why or why not?

Australia’s system has been working for them. It probably wouldn’t work here. Australia has no land borders with any other country, and we do — making gun smuggling into our country a lot easier than Australia. Furthermore, our gun culture is far more entrenched than that of Australia, which would make a total ban on guns about as effective as the 18th Amendment was in the actual prohibition of alcohol. Hillary is smart enough to know that.

Hillary is on record as favoring requiring background checks on private gun sales the same as the requirement we now have for licensed dealers (closing the gun show loophole). She is also on record as opposing the sale of military-style assault weapons. So was President Reagan. It’s not exactly a position strictly held by the far left.

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