Trump Jr. brushes off explosive emails, admits he ‘probably’ had more meetings with Russians
Aaron Rupar

“When you read the part about the Russian government or Russia supporting your father, did that put off any sirens in your head?”

I figure that either A) Junior is too dim to hear any sirens, or B) Junior heard the sirens but didn’t care because winning at any cost, no matter what illegal means were employed, was all that mattered, or C) Junior constantly hears sirens and hates them, but can’t do anything about them because Russia has both him and his dad by the short and curlies.

If we believe (A), we believe that Junior is a complete idiot. That even when it’s spelled out in no uncertain terms that the meeting he’s coming to will involve information coming from the highest levels of government — a government that has stated its support for Trump, and by engineering this meeting, made it clear they intended to actively help him win. And instead of running to the FBI with this information, Junior eagerly takes the bait.

If we believe (B), we believe that Junior has absolutely no moral compass and no sense of ethics. In his world, “win at any cost” is the mantra, which he no doubt learned from his father. So what if Russia wants to engineer the election? As long as it gets my dad into the White House, what’s wrong with that?

And if we believe (C), we believe that Junior (and probably his father) is completely owned by Russia. For whatever reason (unpaid loans? blackmail?) he’s their puppet and does their bidding without question.

This situation may be a little bit of all three. And all three of these scenarios are more than a little frightening.

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