Well, as a conservative, I would be hypocritical if I said excessive and unnecessary spending was…
TX Kevin

Wow — finally I hear from a conservative who can offer a few intelligent points.

However, if you think the media went easy on either Obama or Hillary, you and I were probably getting our news from completely different sources. I don’t recall either of them being “handled like baby kittens”. The press has attacked Obama relentlessly ever since he announced his run for the presidency — no, make that ever since he delivered the keynote speech at the 2004 DNC — and they have been skewering Hillary for over a quarter of a century, breathlessly reporting on every scandal and every witch hunt.

And the primary reason for the Obama presidency “poisoning” the political arena? Most of that came courtesy of Republicans in Congress, who made it their business to obstruct everything Obama tried to do. Perhaps you forgot McConnell’s declaration that their first and utmost priority was to make Obama a one-term president?

I won’t get into Obama and the IRS, or the eight separate investigations into the Benghazi matter with nothing to show for it, because these stories have already been hashed to death, and initial accusations debunked.

I do agree that Trump’s outrageous words and actions will probably numb the American people to the point where they accept the circus as “normal”.

Even this story has taken on the theme of “look how much this President is costing us!” It’s not just that. Every President, regardless of their party, is entitled to a reasonable amount of vacation. It’s not that Trump likes to go to Florida for a round of golf now and then. It’s that Trump felt the need to do this three out of his first four weekends on the job, which strikes most people as over the top. And that isn’t even so bad — it’s the hypocrisy, in that Trump did a fair amount of tweeting critical of Obama doing the same thing that Trump is doing now on a scale that Obama never reached. It’s also the use Trump is making of the presidency to make a lot of money, which on the low side merely seems crass and vulgar, and on the high side could be creating conflicts of interest that should be of a concern to every American. It’s not just the doubling of Mar-a-Lago membership fees with the tacit understanding that the membership fee now provides access to the President. It’s also that whenever Trump travels to one of his own properties (as well as his wife and son living in one), he makes money on what the government pays for accommodations for staff, security, and other members of the Trump entourage. And if that’s not enough, Trump conducted national security business in front of his high-paying guests, just to show how cool he was, doing “president-y” stuff. Never mind that doing this in the presence of people who had neither security clearance nor the need to know was a definite security concern.

The President, no matter who he or she is, costs the American taxpayers a lot of money. Not only is the President entitled to vacations, but the President is expected to travel frequently on business to most points on the globe. It costs money. We get that. We just have a problem with Trump’s travels for little reason other than to make money and gather adulation.

And as far as Trump’s getting a lot of work done during his first month? All I’ve seen so far is his signing a flurry of executive orders written by other people. I haven’t seen him negotiating anything with Congress, for example, nor have I seen him come up with detailed plans for most of the complex promises he made as a candidate. Where’s this foolproof plan he claimed to have to “end ISIS quickly”? Where’s this “big, beautiful replacement healthcare plan”? When is he going to bring coal back, as he promised? Signing a badly worded Muslim ban, and trashing environmental regulations without a lot of thought isn’t all that impressive.

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