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Wow — you finally learned how to post a link! I’m sooooooo impressed! Of course, I managed to post my links without calling you names, so I’m still ahead.

Your first link is an article on Medium written by Amy Sterling Casil. We’ve already established that she’s not credible and a Hillary hater. Next?

The next link is from Daily Caller, a well known wingnut site. You attempt to discredit Snopes because it’s run by liberals, but you cite Daily Caller as credible? Seriously?

Charles Ortel is a well-known right-winger and a birther, to boot. He’s hardly an objective source.

Articles that merely point out things like “what people don’t know about the Clinton Foundation” or suggesting there’s something nefarious about any of the Clintons exchanging emails with a foundation that bears their name (scandalous!) can be disregarded, as they don’t make any claims that money donated to the foundation got funneled into the personal pockets of any of the Clintons.

But at least you can produce links. Good boy! Here’s a cookie for you.

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