I’ve noticed people who don’t understand burden of proof (or do but ignore it) are really hoping…
Benji Lampel

Yes, I’ve often had the same experience. DJ Carney is a fairly typical example of this. The pattern is pretty much the same — he makes a claim and provides a source that’s laughable. I point out the invalidity of the source and ask him to provide additional backup (from a credible source, containing an intelligent argument backed up by actual facts), and ask him to explain how, if his story is true, that investigations never uncovered this, or why mainstream media wouldn’t jump on a juicy story like this?

Of course, DJ Carney has nothing, but can’t admit that, so he goes on the offensive. I’m ignorant, I have a cognitive bias, I lack intellectual curiosity, I’m too lazy to do research, etc. etc. And of course, he can’t answer the questions I’ve challenged him with. He can’t, because his story is a fanciful pack of lies.

I admit I’m indulging him by continuing to reply to him. I figure if he wants to continue to look like a fool with nothing valid, why not let him? I consider it my good deed for the day. When he’s had enough of getting smacked down, he’ll go away.

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