Did Obama give up the presidents salary of over $400,000 a year.
Millie Harden

Yes, Trump claims to have given up his $400,000/year salary as President. Which is really a drop in the bucket when considering the other sums of money in this discussion.

And yes — President Obama racked up about $92 million in travel expenses over his eight years in office. A lot of that was for added security because he received a lot of death threats — more than that of any other President. But if you’re going to compare $11.3 million for one month under Trump versus $92 million for eight years under Obama, the extrapolated total for Trump (assuming he spends at the same rate he’s spending now) comes to $11.3 million for one month times 96 months (eight years), and that comes to (drumroll) — $1,084,800,000. Yes, that’s over ONE BILLION dollars.

And it’s three weekends, not two. This has already been verified as fact. He went there the weekend of February 3, February 10, and February 17. Three weekends in a row.

Your assertion that the media are just picking on Trump because they’re afraid of Trump’s “message” is just laughable.

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