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Yes, we do turn over our tax information to the IRS, a FEDERAL agency, so that our taxes can be accurately assessed and monitored. However, this information is heavily regulated, and we understand how it is used. Any misuse (including perceived misuse) of this information is instantly pounced on by the public.

Perhaps you remember the “IRS scandal” that never really was. An audit of certain tax-exempt organizations to ensure they met the necessary criteria for that status caused conniption fits among the far right, as they accused the IRS of singling out right-wing organizations for unfair scrutiny, even though that wasn’t true (yes, terms like “Tea Party” and “Patriot” were used as keywords in the search, but so were terms like “Occupy” and “Progressive”).

The right also objects to federalizing gun ownership records in the creation of a national gun registry. And their biggest objection has to do with what the government plans to do with this information — the biggest fear being the possibility of the government using this information for gun confiscation. But I can see that you have no problem with this, and you support the idea of every gun owner’s personal information being given to the feds — including names, addresses, and exactly how many guns they own, what kind, and when and where the gun owner bought them.

Voter information this detailed also raises some alarms — from both blue states and deeply red states. What will this information be used for? What safeguards are in place to prevent the misuse of this information? What legislation has been passed to protect this information? As near as I can tell, nada. And this presents a perfect opportunity for various kinds of voter suppression whenever the government feels like it.

Elections are state matters. Most of us would prefer to keep it that way, unless strict safeguards are in place that would prevent a rogue regime from misusing this information. This demand from Trumpland is more than just a salve for Trump’s bruised ego from losing the popular vote. It’s an unauthorized power grab. Thank heavens most states see it for what it is.

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