The deficit was 10.6
LillyAnna Walsh

You are confusing “deficit” with “debt”. As I don’t expect you to look up those terms (but will slam me for not “doing my own research”), so I’ll explain.

The DEBT is the total amount of money our country owes. And yes, right now, that’s about 19.9 trillion dollars.

The DEFICIT is the amount between revenue and spending each year. If spending exceeds revenue, this amount is a negative number that we call a DEFICIT. If revenue exceeds spending, this amount is a positive number that we call a SURPLUS. The last time we actually had a surplus was the last year of the Bill Clinton administration. Bush came in and turned that surplus back into a deficit. Our deficit became highest when we had our recession at the end of the Bush presidency. It has been going down under Obama.

I recommend that before you insult people and accuse them of merely regurgitating talking points, that you try not to look like an idiot yourself.