Again, Trump is not my guy and I would like nothing more than to see Pense take over as soon as…
TX Kevin

You are probably correct — there is no point in my debunking all of your very old and very stale anti-Clinton and anti-Obama talking points, because that’s not going to stop you from bringing them up in your next post. And many posts from here on. Because that’s what you do.

I don’t do this in an attempt to change your mind. I know that’s impossible. A troll’s gotta troll, and has to use stale debunked talking points if that’s all he has. I do it for the benefit of anyone who might read your stuff and possibly believe it.

However, I will point out that most of the stuff in your list has been investigated. The investigations are just getting started with Trump, and we don’t know the outcome yet. Did Russia deliberately interfere with our election? According to Comey, there is “overwhelming evidence” that they did. Did Trump or any member of his team collude with the Russians in this endeavor? We have a number of active investigations working on that, and we won’t be privy to the evidence gathered until the investigations are complete. Did Trump pressure Comey into dropping the FBI investigation regarding Flynn? Comey says yes. Trump says he’s lying. In this “he said, he said” situation, Comey has the stronger case, as he documented the details of his meetings with Trump, without any motivation to document lies for the purpose of destroying Trump or some such thing.

Yes, the “noise” is distracting Trump from getting anything done. However, he’s easily distracted. Nixon had to put up with similar “noise” regarding Watergate from the beginning of his second term, and it escalated in volume until he resigned. Yet he managed to get stuff done and didn’t whine about it as an excuse. The purpose of this “noise” is not to derail Trump for no reason. The purpose is to find out the truth.

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