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You made the claim that the Clinton Foundation was engaged in illegal activity. You have failed to support that claim with anything substantial.

I challenged you to explain in your own words (not even asking you to support with sources) how, logically, illegal activity could have been kept hidden during all the probes and investigations of the foundation. I guess you have no words of your own, because you can’t do it. Of course, you also can’t do it because your entire premise is a lie.

If you really had authors, you wouldn’t be afraid to provide links to them. Since you haven’t, even though you have had ample opportunity, it just shows everyone that you don’t have them.

But you challenged me to provide some evidence that the Clinton Foundation is what it says it is. OK — that’s a fair challenge.

First, let’s see what the charity watchdogs have to say:

Now, let’s debunk the accusation that Charity Navigator stopped evaluating the Clinton Foundation due to “lack of transparency” (and for good measure, support the claim that CharityWatch gave the Clinton Foundation a higher grade than the Red Cross):

Charity Navigator and CharityWatch are respected watchdog groups. If the Clinton Foundation existed merely as a shell organization to funnel money into the Clinton bank account, that wouldn’t escape their notice. Now, if you want me to somehow prove that the Clintons aren’t using the foundation as their personal piggy bank — well, it’s impossible to prove a negative. You want to prove that the Clinton Foundation is some illegal enterprise, that’s your job, as you made that claim.

See? I can back up my claims with links and sources. Why is this so difficult for you? Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s because I have facts on my side, and you just have lies. You’ve made that abundantly clear.

And now you’re reduced to telling anyone else who can see you for what you are to “fuck off”. You’re sinking fast. Sad.

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