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You said “while in the Oval Office.” Meaning while he was President. Yes, words matter, and you were wrong.

Yes, Bill Clinton was accused of rape by one woman, and of unwanted touching by two more, and this was from before he was President. He was never found guilty of any of those actions.

Donald Trump has never been found guilty of rape or sexual assault, either. However, he has been accused of rape, and there are more accusations of sexual assault against him than there have been against Bill Clinton (not that we’re keeping score or anything, but since you claim that Clinton “is no better than Trump”, we probably should).


There’s video evidence of Donald Trump admitting to — and bragging about — committing sexual assault (unwanted touching) and getting away with it. And that’s something we don’t have from Bill Clinton. If such a video incriminating Bill Clinton surfaced in October of 1992, I seriously doubt he would have been elected President. Just as I believe that Trump is toast now.

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