They did not.
TX Kevin

You say, “at this point”. I assume that if the results of the current investigations show evidence of collusion with Russia to influence our election, that you will accept those results?

Now, let’s look at your accusations of Hillary. Please provide evidence of these “large sums” that she PERSONALLY received from Russia. And no, donations to the Clinton Foundation don’t count — that money never went into her wallet. And what illegal activity was it, exactly, that she did to benefit Russia?

And as has been explained to you over and over and over again, we know that Russia meddled in the election. The CIA, FBI, and NSA have all declared this, and the status of their findings is “high confidence”. Investigating any person or party who benefited from an illegal act is normal procedure, to check for collusion, culpability, or any accessory after the fact. If Trump was truly innocent, and had absolutely no idea of Russia’s activities, he would have no problem with an investigation. But both the FBI and Mueller investigations have grown like a massive virus because Trump and his team insist on acting guilty.

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