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You say that Hillary “threatened one of them”. Just because Juanita Broaddrick interpreted an exchange as a threat isn’t proof that any threat was issued.

You say that Bill Clinton “has been accused of multiple rapes”. As near as I can tell, he’s been accused of only one. By a woman who has changed her story several times.

And where did Hillary “tarnish in public” any of these women? A “bully” and an “enabler”? You have yet to produce any evidence of any of this.

Yes, Hillary stayed with Bill despite the accusations and despite his adultery. She’s a woman who obviously takes her wedding vows seriously, and she and Bill worked to save their marriage. Why would you blame her for that?

Of course, I realize that your guy is going down the tubes (he’s also been accused of rape, you know, and a hearing on that case is scheduled for December — conveniently after the election). He’s a guy who brags about sexual assault, and has been caught on tape doing so (something Bill Clinton never did). So I can understand why it’s necessary for you to throw as much crap as you can at Hillary. Even if you have absolutely nothing to back any of it up. The fact that you have nothing left but to call me a hypocrite reveals that you have no ammo.

But it doesn’t matter. She’s going to be elected President. Too bad if you don’t like it.