Lol, Victoria, on what basis did you conclude that Hillary Clinton “cares” about the truth?

Your entire rant sounds so familiar that you most likely copied it from some wingnut site and pasted it here. Or you just parroted the crap that you’ve been fed from the right over and over and over again. You’ve been royally manipulated by their propaganda machine.

First you list a few things (not a “long” list) of issues on where Clinton has changed her mind over the years. Notice that I said, “over the years”. Trump has flip flopped on practically everything he has said during the campaign, and several times.

And then you claim that she’s “lusted” after the presidency since she was a “wee nipper”. Not that there’s anything wrong with having goals in life, but what evidence do you have that this is A) true, and B) nefarious?

And then finally, you claim that she “lusts after war”. And you imply that she is responsible for murdering half a million people. Excuse me, but she has never held a position where she had the power to declare war (at least not by herself). Nor has she ever had the power to call a strike on another country. As SofS, she did work through diplomatic channels to PREVENT needless death and displacement through war. But many of the deaths over the past couple of decades have been caused by invasions orchestrated by Bush and Cheney, based on lies to Congress and to the American people. Oh, you claim that because Clinton voted for the invasion of Iraq, she’s solely responsible for all the deaths there? In the first place, Pence also voted for the same resolution (yet you’re not pinning half a million deaths on him, are you?). In the second place, that resolution wasn’t a command to invade Iraq. It was giving Bush permission to decide on that if all other methods of resolution failed.

So what you have here is just random Hillary hating and feces flinging (in other words, nothing). And all of that is basically, “SQUIRREL!”, because you can’t defend the subject of this article, who is Trump.

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