Name one public service/entitlement that does not require an ID.

Your logic is doing pretzel twists. A) you claim that photo ID laws are necessary to prevent illegible voters from voting. B) you claim that undocumented residents and other non-citizens are able to get a photo ID with no problem. So how in the world will photo ID laws prevent non-citizens from voting? You just busted your own argument.

You seem to be having a problem distinguishing between voting and voter registration. They are different things.

And then you go into your predictable wingnut rant about “illegals” getting free stuff on your dime. Which is completely irrelevant to this topic.

Oh, and FYI — not all public services and entitlements require PHOTO ID. Public assistance, such as welfare, food stamps, etc. have many types of ID they accept, and many of them do not have a photo. In my state, there are a few hundred thousand residents here who do not have a photo ID acceptable for voting, yet they manage to live their lives with no problem.

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