Actually he is not doing much beyond watching the standard stream of unsubstantiated “victims” that…
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You’re making an accusation (or a very strong implication) that all these women coming forward to claim sexual assault by Donald Trump is a ginormous dirty trick on the part of the Democrats. Here’s what’s wrong with that:

  1. At least two of the victims went public with their accusations long before the Access Hollywood video became public.
  2. In order to find women with some plausible connection to Trump who would be willing to lie for money, searches would have to be made through women who have worked for Trump, women who have been in Trump-owned beauty pageants, women who have been on Trump reality shows, women who have been to events at Mar-a-Lago, etc. It stands to reason that at least some of these women would have some degree of loyalty to Trump (especially if Trump really does treat women as well as he claims to). What are the odds that the Democratic dirty tricks crew would find all the women they needed who would be willing to play their game without encountering ONE woman who would blow the whistle on them?
  3. Several other victims had told family and close friends about their experience when it occurred, even though they didn’t go public with it. These family members and close friends have corroborated the victims’ stories. Are you suggesting they got paid off, too?
  4. These women are not after money. They just want their voices heard. Because the entire country heard the guy who assaulted them lie about it and tell the country he did no such thing. That’s enough to piss any victim off.

It’s far more likely that these women actually mean what they say. Yes, we have Trump on tape bragging about how he has committed sexual assault and further brags that he gets away with it. We have corroborating stories from victims. That gets hard to refute.

Oh, and one more thing. We don’t have Hillary Clinton on tape saying horrible things about women who have accused Bill of sexual assault. The closest we have is a Today Show interview in 1998 where she mentioned a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that encompassed a number of attacks not limited to sexual assault accusations. In that interview, she didn’t say anything specifically about any of the three women who accused Bill of assault — Broaddrick, Willey, or Jones (she has, when pressed, said some things about Lewinsky and Flowers, but those two had consensual sex with her husband). We also don’t have Bill on tape bragging about committing sexual assault and being so awesome that he gets away with it. The Trump and Clinton situations are very different.

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