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You’re missing the point. It’s easy to say that people with pre-existing conditions won’t be denied health insurance. Not so easy — figuring out how to do that without collapsing the system. If people with pre-existing conditions will be able to get affordable health insurance, then healthy people must also be getting and paying for health insurance to balance the pool. Which means the mandate also must stay, unless enough healthy people can be encouraged to buy insurance without being forced.

OR, Republicans could just say that people with pre-existing conditions cannot be turned down for insurance, but allow health insurers to charge as much as they want. As there aren’t that many people around who can afford $5,000 a month for insurance premiums, this would essentially be the same thing as denying these people insurance.

We’re not worried about Republicans actually saying that people with pre-existing conditions are going to be denied insurance. They haven’t said that, and they know that actually saying that would be monumentally stupid. However, if they don’t make insurance affordable for these people AND keep the system stabilized, they’re effectively denying these people insurance.

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