It’s North Carolina they can’t read so they learn all they know by watching TV.

You’re thinking of the rural areas. In our cities, particularly in the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill), we have three top-notch universities, we have Research Triangle Park, and we have one of the highest concentrations of people with college degrees anywhere in the country. So please watch your trash talk.

That said, we also have a lot of far right money influencing our elections in this state (from our own Art Pope, as well as the Koch brothers), which has given Republicans an advantage. Until now.

We have been working very hard at turning things around. This is why our Republican Governor is losing in his bid for re-election, and why Senator Burr — a two-term incumbent — is in the fight of his life in a race that would normally be a cakewalk for him. Because there are a lot of people in this state who have gotten sick and tired of coal ash spills that aren’t getting cleaned up, sick and tired of shenanigans like HB2, and sick and tired of Republicans in general.

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