I didn’t create the picture, I found it in half a second via a google search.
Mike Suhor

You’ve painted a picture with false assumptions.

False assumption #1 — Christians are the only ones suffering genocide at the hands of terrorists. Wrong. The largest group getting killed by ISIS is other Muslims. http://www.globalresearch.ca/muslims-are-the-victims-of-between-82-and-97-of-terrorism-related-fatalities-us-government/5516565

False assumption #2 — The vast majority of refugees accepted by the United States are military age Muslim males. Wrong again. Over three quarters of the Syrian refugees we’ve accepted are women or children. http://www.pri.org/stories/2016-08-08/it-s-now-clear-most-syrian-refugees-coming-united-states-are-women-and-children. In order for “hundreds of thousands” of military aged Muslim males to be coming here as refugees, we would need to be accepting a million or more refugees, and we aren’t. Not even close.

So, tell you what. You design your scenario using facts instead of lies, and perhaps you may get an answer to your question. There’s no sense in trying to justify something that isn’t happening.

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