Beautiful Broome

Victoria Latu
Aug 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Broome is beautiful. The beaches are spectacular and it has a red landscape only gorgeous Australia could posses.
We stayed couple nights at the ECO Beach resort, (which is another 1.5hrs out of Broome town) in a villa right on the beach). They have tents that cost a bit cheaper, but a word of advice, choose the Villa option because it gets so hot it could become unbearable in the tent.
We also did a day trip exploring (……..) if you are not scared of flying I highly recommend this! Such beautiful sites, and they take you to picturesque secluded beaches. Just fantastic!
I must warn you… the pace up there is S L O W, perfect if you want to escape the everyday grind but for someone like me who is so used to burning the candle at both ends… I found it quiet confronting.

Originally published at Talking Shop.

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